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New toys for December
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  1. Re-Ment Rilakkuma Birthday Cake - Full set of 8

  2. Nendoroid Marika Kato

  3. Nendoroid Hanasaku Iroha: Ohana Matsumae

  4. Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Miku Hatsune

  5. Nendoroid Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki

  6. Nendoroid Working!: Mahiru Inami
    US$51.74  US$15.92

  7. Nendoroid Strike Witches: Charlotte E. Yeager

  8. Nendoroid Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Nero Yuzurizaki

  9. Nendoroid Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune: Append

  10. Nendoroid Queen's Blade: Aldora

  11. Nendoroid Petite B.G.M Festival Set - Vol.0

  12. Nendoroid Hayate the Combat Butler: Nagi Sanzenin

Fantasy recommendations

  1. Celebrate the Devilrobots 10th Anniversary with this great Kubrick set.

  2. Haruhi Suzumiya in goth-loli costume. Need we say more? A must for all fans!

  3. Ramp up the cuteness with this collection of Fate/hollow ataraxia characters as children

  4. Lovely Miku Hatsune looks great in this Hatsune Miku Orchestra special Nendoroid figure.

» more specials

  1. Nendoroid Queen's Blade: Cattleya
    US$54.13  US$15.92

  2. Pinky:st PC2014 - Haruhi Suzumiya
    US$21.41  US$9.55

  3. Pinky:st PC2015 - Mikuru Asahina
    US$21.41  US$9.55

  4. Nendoroid Queen's Blade: Reina
    US$49.35  US$15.92

  5. Nendoroid Petite: Angel Beats! Set 01 - Set of 3
    US$33.43  US$11.94

  6. Nendoroid Queen's Blade: Tomoe
    US$47.76  US$15.92

  7. Nendoroid Love Plus: Manaka Takane
    US$46.17  US$15.92

  8. Nendoroid Strike Witches: Francesca Lucchini
    US$52.54  US$19.90

What are Gashapon?

Gashapon, also referred to as "Candy toy" or "trading toy", is the phonetic word for the sound "Gasha-Pon!" that Japanese toy vending machines make when a packaged item drops down.

Often constructed from high-grade PVC plastic containing more molding detail and carefully painted features. However, these are not simply toys: they are collectors items, with rare ones fetching extremely high prices.

Gashapon toys are often based on popular character licenses from Japanese manga, video games, anime and popular icons. These highly detailed toys based on popular culture icons have found a large following among adults in Japan and the trend is filtering to the West with other popular culture influences such as anime and manga.

source - Wikipedia

Re-Ment Miniatures
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Neo Blythe Doll - Can Can Cat
5th order received in perfect condition. Thanks again Tokyo Fantasy!!!!! ..
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